NIOSH Publication No. 2005-151:

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards and Other Databases


NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

Exposure limits, Respirator Recommendations, First Aid, more...
The Pocket Guide is a source of general industrial hygiene information on several hundred chemicals/classes found in the work environment. Key data provided for each chemical/substance includes name (including synonyms/trade names), structure/formula, CAS/RTECS Numbers, DOT ID, conversion factors, exposure limits, IDLH, chemical and physical properties, measurement methods, personal protection, respirator recommendations, symptoms, and first aid.

Other Databases

The following selected NIOSH databases are also available on this site:

  • Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health Concentrations (IDLHs)
  • International Chemical Safety Cards (WHO/IPCS/ILO)
  • NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM)
  • OSHA Sampling & Analytical Methods
  • Recommendations for Chemical Protective Clothing
  • Chemicals Cited by ICSC and NPG - MDL RTECS
  • Specific Medical Tests Published for OSHA-Regulated Substances
  • Toxicologic Review of Selected Chemicals
  • 2004 Emergency Response Guidebook (U.S. Department of Transportation)
  • more...

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