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Primary Authors:

  • Keith Motley, OSHA Technical Support:  Project Leader

Principal Reviewers and Secondary Authors:

  • Bob Curtis, OSHA Technical Support
  • Cathy Cronin, OSHA Training and Education
  • Richard Fairfax, Directorate of Compliance Programs
  • Craig Moulton, Directorate of Compliance Programs
  • Wanda Bissell, Directorate of Compliance Programs

Support Personnel:

  • Mindware Creative, Chicago, IL; Design, Graphics and Training Structure
  • Keith Nicholson, Salt Lake City, UT; Technical Content
  • Kym Pond, Salt Lake City, UT; HTML Preparation
  • Mike Harris, Clifton Brooks, Salt Lake City, UT; Graphic Design
  • Rachelle Cottle, Salt Lake City, UT; Copy Editing

Other Resources:

  • OSHA Office of Training and Education
  • National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
  • OSHA Health Standards
  • OSHA Directorate of Compliance Programs

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